IP Address Announcement

23 January 1997

For the past 18 months Telstra Internet, in operating the AUNIC registry, has been allocating IP addresses to Australian bodies who wanted to connect to the Internet. These IP address allocations have been undertaken from a pool of address values from through to

It is anticipated that by the end of February 1997 this address pool will be fully allocated. Telstra Internet will not be applying for a further general purpose address pool in the name of AUNIC. Such general purpose address allocation practices are now considered contrary to the current routing space management policies within the Internet (as noted in the documents RFC1518 and RFC2050).

Accordingly after February 1997 Telstra Internet, in operating the AUNIC, will not be able to allocate any more general purpose IP addresses to Australian bodies.

After February 1997 Telstra Internet will be allocating provider-based non-portable IP address space to those direct clients of the Telstra Internet service who are single-homed to Telstra Internet, as a component of the services Telstra Internet provides to its customer base.

Those parties who are single-homed to any other Internet Service Provider should in the future contact their service provider for address space. It is possible for many organisations to employ IP address translation technology which can map Private Addresses to globally unique IP addresses.

Those parties who are multi-homed (connected to more than one Internet Service Provider), and large Internet Service Providers, should in the future contact the Asia Pacific Network Information Center for allocation of ISP provider space or large enterprise address space.

Geoff Huston
Technical Manager
Telstra Internet